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7 days? I’ve got all the time in the world!

It’s true, I’m a bit of a laissez-faire traveler.  Since I was little the rule was “If you can’t carry it, you can’t take it.”  So, more often than not, I’m traveling with a ton of mix and match outfits and something I can run through the airport with (which I’ve done plenty of times).  When it comes to preparing for travel, I always make sure I have the important things (valid passports, visas, etc) but I rarely pre-plan anything else.  I live my life with the “we’ll figure it out” mantra.  I have a feeling this will make for an interesting travel partner with Robert. As of today?  I haven’t really even thought about what I might pack.  I’ll probably figure it out while I do laundry the day before I leave.  Oscar and Felix anyone?